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Winston SM8 Proximity Hall Effect Sensor

Hall sensor
Sensing distance:10mm

  • SM8
  • Winston/OEM
  • 90330000

SM8 Hall sensor
SM series Hall sensor is a kind of magnet-sensitive sensor consisting of voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, Schmidt trigger and the output pole of collector open circuit. The input is the magnetic flux density. The output is adigital voltage signal.

1.Wide mains voltage range
2.High frequency
3.Long service life,compact volume and convenient installation
4.Directly connect to transistor and logic circuit port like, TTL.MOS

Model explanation of the proximity switch:

1.Switch category:

LM:inductance type

CM:capacitance type

SM:Hall type

AM:safte explosion-proof type

XM:Mini linear type

HM:Reed type

RU:Ultrasonic type

5.Output form:

N:Three wire dc NPN output

P:Three wire dc PNP output

L:Two wire dc output

 :Two wire ac output

J:Relay contact output

NP:NPN+PNP double output

2.Outward appearance code:

C:Cylinder type;

F:Angular column type and plane installation type)

6.Output state:

A:Normally open(NO) B:Normally close(NC)

C:Normally open(NO)+Normally close(NC)

MU:Mimic voltage    MI:Mimic current

MUI:Voltage and current double output

3.Working voltage:

30:6~36VDC          310:5~24VDC      320:12~60VDC

330:10~30VDC        340:10~55VDC     350:10~60VDC

360:5~36VDC         20:90~250VAC     210:24~250VAC

220:380VAC          40:12~240VDC/24~240VAC

50:Special voltage

7.Subsidiart functions:

T:with aviation connector

Y:water proof,oil proof

I:Special requirement

H:High temperature resistance

R:Ring type

4.Detection distance:

01:1mm            05:5mm

10:10mm           ......

8.Long distance

L:Long distance

         OVERALL DIMENSIONS        smartImg.jpg
       Detection distance 10mm
       Mains voltage 5~24VDC
       Detectable object Permanent magnet
       Output low level voltage 200mV
       Output high level current O.1uA
       Mains current 8mA
       ON-OFF frequency 320KHz
         Working point magnetic density 22mT
       Shell materia Metal
       Ambient temperature -25℃-70℃
       Protection structure IEC standard lp67
         Model available        
       NPN  NO SM8-31010NA
       PNP NO SM8-31010PA



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