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S-350 Single Output PC electronic advantage of Power Supply

Yueqing Winston Power Supply : we specialized in this line for 8 years. The video will show you four keys why choose us next.
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This sample cames from winston electric , we specialized in this line for 8 years. The video will show you four keys why choose us next.

Good product is made of good components. 

First about capacitor, We use famous brand capacitor which is long life, high stability,safety and relaible. 

Second about inductance, we use strong anti-interference type which is thick copper wire, overtcurrent and high inductance. 

Third about transformer, we use model EC4045 which is PC40,vacumm dipping,heat uniformity and high strength insulation.

Model  S-350-5  S-350-7.5 S-350-12  S-350-15  S-350-24V S-350-27V S-350-48
 DC output voltage 5V7.5V 12V 15V  24V 27V 48V
Output Voltage Tolerance (Note 2) ±2%   ± 2% ± 1% ±1%   ± 1% ± 1% ± 1%
 Rated output current  70A  46A  29A  23.2A  14.6A 13A 7.3A
 Output Current Range 0-70A 0-46A 0-29A 0-23.2A   0-14.6A 0-13A 0-7.3A
Ripple and noise (Note 3) 150mVp-p 150mVp-p  150mVp-p  150mVp-p  150mVp-p 200mVp-p 240mVp-p
Into the line of stability (Note 4) ±0.5%±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% 

±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% 
Load stability (Note 5) ±1%   ± 1%  ± 0.5%  ± 0.5% 

±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% 
 DC output power 350W345W 348W 348W  351W351W 350W 
 Efficiency 73% 76%  74%  78% 

 82%  82%  83% 
DC voltage adjustable range 4.5-5.6V6-9V 10-13.2V13.5-18V  20-26.4V 26-32V41-56V 
Input Voltage Range 90 ~ 132VAC/180 ~ 264VAC by switch 47-63Hz 
 Input Current 6.5A /115V,4A /230V
 Inrush Current Current 25A/115V 50A/230V cold start 
 Leakage <3.5mA/240VAC 
 Overload Type  105% ~ 150% Type: FOLDBACK cut output reset: Automatic restore 
 Over Voltage Protection 5.75-6.75V9.4-10.9V 13.8-16.2V 18-21V  27.6-32.4V33.7-39.2V 57.6-67.2V 
Temperature Protection ERH3>=65°C-70°C Fan on,<=55°C-60°C Fan off,>=80°C-85°C Cut off output(5-15V)-(24-48V)
Temperature Coefficient  ± 0.03%/ °C (0 ~ 50°C ) 
Start, rise, hold time 200ms,100ms,30ms 
Earthquake resistance 10 ~ 500Hz, 2G 10min. / 1 cycle, duration 60 minutes, each axis 
 Pressure of Between input and output: 1.5KvAC, input and shell: 1.5KvAC, output and shell: 0.5KvAC 
 Isolation Resistance  Input and output, input and shell, shell and output: 500VDC/100M Ohms 
Temperature, humidity -10°C~ + 60°C,20% ~ 90%RH 
Storage temperature, temperature -20°C ~ + 85°C,10% ~ 95%RH
 Dimensions 215*115*50mm 
 Weight 1.15Kgs 
 Safety Standards  To meet UL1012 requirements 
 EMC Standards  To meet the FCC PART15JCONDUCTION CLASS B 

Professional manufacturer, quality is our culture!



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