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WD-A63 Digital Self-resetting Over & under Voltage Protector

  • WD-A63
  • Winston
Rated operating voltage AC230 / 50HZ line
Rated operating current 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A
Maximum short circuit withstand current
Overvoltage action cutoff value AC275 +/- 5V
Overvoltage recovery AC255 +/- 5V
Undervoltage action cutoff value AC160 +/- 5V
Undervoltage recovery AC190 +/- 5V
Automatic closing delay after opening 25S
Action time undervoltage action time 0.8S, overvoltage action time: 0.2S-5S
Own power consumption <1.5W
Electrical machinery life > 100,000 times
Dimensions 84 * 35 * 66
Working temperature range -5 ~ 45C
Relative humidity 45 ~ 90% RH 40C
Altitude <2000m

wda63 dimension

Mainly used for home and similar use of low-voltage distribution lines, when the line over voltage or undervoltage failure can automatically disconnect, and can automatically detect the line voltage, when the line back to normal when the automatic closure.


Products with high-speed low-power processing as the core control, high load capacity Magnetic holding relay for the main control circuit, with online production voltage LED digital display, indicator light status indication, the product can be sustained under high pressure shock.


Timely protection of the safe use of load appliances. Product protection action when the neutral line is not open, in the installation should be consistent with GB16895.21 and other relevant installation procedures.

1. When the line undervoltage occurs in time to cut off the line, the line voltage back to normal when the delay automatically connected to the line, without human operation.

2. Line transient overvoltage or voltage sag and short interrupt, the protector does not move, to ensure reliable operation of the line.


3. Protector itself has a high voltage withstand capacity, line fault voltage continues to 440V, the protector can safely protect the function itself will not be damaged.


4. Effective voltage display range: 70-400V


5. withstand the impact voltage: 5KV


6. Outline Modulus Design: Rail mounting


7. Wiring capacity: 16mm2 and below the wire

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