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Innovation To Change Life - Winston Household AC Contactor

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With the development and progress of society, people's quality requirements of the product is getting higher and higher . In order to meet the needs of the market our company updated the home AC contactor to meet customer needs.


Now let me introduce our Household AC Contactor.

1.Reliable electromagnetic system

Germany imported high-precision enameled wire, the real P180-High Resistant temperature, the use of automatic production line around the system;

Highly oriented silicon steel sheet, Seiko polished surface technology.

2.Excellent Contact system

Unique air-blown arc structure design; precision embossing contact surface.

3.High flame retardant materials

VO level flame retardant plastic material, safe and reliable.

And the are 3 advantage of our model :

1.Volume reduction 70% :

 Compared with the traditional contactor, the volume reduced by 70%, easier to install.

household contactor

2. Reduced energy consumption by 75% :

Compared with the traditional contactor, energy consumption reduced by 75%, more energy saving and environmental protection.

contactor advantage

3. Ultra-quiet, less than 15dB:

Compared with the traditional contactor, ultra-quiet, less than 15dB, no worries.

ac contactor

Innovation To Change Life - Winston Household AC Contactor

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