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WD-B63 Voltage / Limit Current Protector

  • WD-B63
  • Winston
Rated operating voltage
Rated operating current
1A-63A adjustable (default 40A)
Undervoltage action cut-off value
210V-145V(default 170V)
Overvoltage action cut off value
230V-300V (default 270V)
Limit current Protection
Depends on Rated current
Power delay after power off
Own power consumption
Electrical machinery life
More than 100,000 times
Working temperature range
-5 ~ 45C
Relative humidity
45 ~ 90% RH 40C
Less than 2000m
Degree of protection
IP 20
Mechanical durability
1000000 cycles
Dielectric strength
>2kVAC 1min
Dimensions (H x W x D)
35mm DIN rail

wd b63 dimensionwd b63 dimension 2

Wiring Diagram

b63 wiring

Mainly used for home and similar use of low-voltage distribution lines, when the line over voltage or undervoltage failure can automatically disconnect, and can automatically detect the line voltage, when the line back to normal when the automatic closure.

Products with high-speed low-power processing as the core control, high load capacity magnetic holding relay for the main control circuit, with online production voltage LED digital display, indicator light status indication, the product can be sustained under high pressure shock.

Timely protection of the safe use of load appliances. Product protection action when the neutral line is not open, in the installation should be consistent with GB16895.21 and other relevant installation procedures.

b63 Front Panel View

Setting method

1.Press and hold the “SET” button for 3 seconds to enter the

parameter setting state.

1.1 When "Over(V) LED On,It means Setting the Over voltage

Value state,Press "UP" and "Down" can adjust the Over Voltage

value. default value is 270V

1.2 Press "SET" When "Under(V) LED on,It means Setting the

Under Voltage value state,Press "UP" and "Down" can adjust the

Over Voltage value. default value is 170V

1.3 Press "SET" When "Current (A) LED on,It means Setting the

Limit current value state,Press "UP" and "Down" can adjust the

Limit cureent value. Default Value is 40A.

2.When All data are set already,wait 40sec,then connect the


3. Press "UP" and "Dwon",reset the to default value.

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