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Manufacturer 16A VMC 2 Pole Manual AC Contactor

  • WCT 16A 2P 2NC Manual
  • CE
  • Winston/OEM
  • Made in China
  • Carton size: 480*300*185mm, 120pcs/CTN
  • PCS
  • 10
  • 2-5days
  • 1
  • T/T

     WCT modular contactor is applicable to alternative circuit with rated voltage up to 400V, rated current up to 100A and rated frequency 50/60Hz. The product is used for remote switching and controlling of power circuit.




       * Our products have an excellent ratio between price and quality ,you can possess them by competitive price and high quality;
       * The fast and flexible production form aim at the customer require;
       * The deliveries exactly in accordance with customer orders
       * The fast transportation.
       * Adopt electromagnetic style release , can play a leak electricity and electric shock protecting role while breaking in zero Line.

advantage 1 advantage 2

manual 16-25A

Working principle

The working principle of the contactor: Upon energization, the circuit with current will create a magnetic field and generate sufficient magnetic adhesion to overcome counterforce, close armature and connect the contacts. When the coil voltage dies out or reduces to a certain value(i.e. at the state of voltage release), for the flux generated at the end face of the armature decreases, the magnetic adhesion becomes weaker than the counterforce generated by the reaction spring, contact spring, etc. Under the counterforce, the armature will be released and free from the field yoke, and then the contacts will be disconnected.
manual operation

manual 2p


       WCT contactors-50Hz
               Raring(In)        Control voltage(V AC)(50Hz)        Consumption        Max.
       AC7a        Holding        Inrush
       2P        16A        220        2.7 VA        9.2 VA        1.2 W
       230...240        2.7 VA        9.2 VA        1.2 W

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